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Test Score / Admissions Policy of US Colleges and Universities in Nevada

Admissions and Test Score Policy of all Schools, Colleges and Universities in Nevada are given here. Admissions Test Score Policy of the institutes indicates how the selection criteria of the institution works. Some schools and universities require Admission test Scores including SAT/ACT Scores. Some recommend students to submit the test scores but not strictly require it while some institutions have a strict admissions policy to submit the test scores.

Some institutions have open admission policy. Open Admission Policy means that all qualifying students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria are offered admission and they start the degree the program without additional qualifications or performance benchmarks. In other words, the institutes having open admission policy have 100% acceptance rate.

Institutions Admission Policy Labels are defined as follows:

Required: The Institute requires the applicants to submit test (SAT/ACT) scores.
Recommeded: The Institute recommends students provide admission test scores (SAT/ACT), during the application process.
Not Required: does not require admission test scores (SAT/ACT) during the application process and does not recommend that students provide them.
Considered: considers admission test scores (SAT/ACT) during the application process, but does not require them.
Unknown: The admission test score (SAT/ACT) policy for is unknown.

Test Score Policy of Nevada Colleges and Universities

InstituteTest Score PolicyOpen Admission Policy
Arizona College of Nursing-Las VegasNot Recommended NO
Chamberlain University-NevadaRecommeded NO
DeVry University-NevadaRecommeded NO
Medspa Academies-National Institute of Modern AestheticsRequired YES
Nevada State CollegeRecommeded NO
Sierra Nevada UniversityConsiders but not Required NO
United Education Institute-Las VegasRequired YES
University of Nevada-Las VegasRecommeded NO
University of Nevada-RenoRequired NO
InstituteTest Score PolicyOpen Admission Policy