Oklahoma Teacher Drunk on First day of School

A third grade school teacher in Payne County Oklahoma was arrested for being drunk on the first day of school. The school authorities suspected the behavior of the teacher, named Kimberly Coates. The staff pulled her out of the classroom asking her to explain why she had a cup allegedly filled with wine.

Kimberly Coates, 53, was teaching her class at Perkins-Tryon Intermediate School in Oklahoma when she was taken out of her classroom on the first day of term to meet with the school’s superintendent and a police officer.

The superintendent, Doug Ogle, told her that she does not seem like the person he talked to this morning. The officer and school administration suggested she had been drinking since arriving at school and since class started at 8.25am.

On suspecting the behavior of the drunk teacher, the superintendent asked the school resource officer to conduct a breathalyzer test of Coates. The test confirmed the presence of alcohol in her system. The teacher also confirmed that she had consumed alcohol.

Police Sgt. Spencer Gedon said that the school authorities acted immediately. “As soon as there was a concern about that teacher, they went into action and did what they needed to do, and they were doing everything they could to make sure everyone was safe at the school.”

The police arrived at  3 pm., and they concluded that Coates had been drinking wine since the morning while being on job. The breathalyzer test confirmed that she has consumed the three times the legal limit of alcohol consumption. The police also recovered the recently used in her bad that smelled of alcohol.

Police said Coates could face charges for public intoxication. Police said the incident is still under investigation.