AP Exam 2024: All You Need to Know

AP stand for Advanced Placement. AP Program is offered by College Board to the high school students to pursue college level studies in specific subject while they are still in high school. AP courses are college level courses that high school students can choose and appear in AP Exams to showcase their academic strength.

AP courses offer a chance to the students to demonstrate their knowledge to colleges. It’s a chance to explore subjects you’re passionate about at a deeper level and experience college-level coursework while you’re still in high school. Also, it is a great opportunity to showcase your abilities in your college admission application process.

What Courses are available in AP Exams?

AP courses are offered in the disciplines of arts, English, history and social science, math and computer science, the sciences, and world languages and culture. Find out the list of all AP Courses here. You can choose as many subjects as you like and passionate about, but it is best to choose the subjects related to the program of study you are planning choose for your academic career.

How to choose your AP exam subject?

It is not advisable to choose many AP courses. You should choose the subjects which you like the most, and are good at. As, the basic reason for AP courses is to showcase your abilities in a specific subject area, hence you should choose the subjects you are good at and also are offered at your school. These are college level courses, so if you have studied those subjects in your school, it means you have basic knowledge and skills required to pursue the higher studies. Hence it will be easier for you to perform better at the subjects that you have basic knowledge of.

The most common reason for taking AP courses is college or university admissions. so the rule of thumb is to take courses based on your career choice. If you want to go for medical sciences, then choose biology and chemistry. Similarly if you are passionate about Information Technology, then take courses in Computer sciences and Mathematics. This will act as an indication to admissions officers of your readiness for college work and may help with your college and university admission process. Also, if you get a good score in these exams you can have the advantage of being exempted from foundation classes in your subject and will be allowed to focus on your subject through specialized classes.

When AP exams are held?

AP Exams are held in May every year. Results are announced in July. Check the schedule and dates of AP Exams here.

AP Exam Eligibility

Any student below the age of 21 year is eligible to apply for AP Exams. Normally high school students take AP Courses. Students must be studying in a high school or affiliated with one to take the AP exam.

Can I take the AP Exam after completing grade 12?

 Recent high school graduates (typically within but not limited to 1-3 years after graduation) who need a specific AP Exam for university admission may register for the test.

What score do you need for each AP Subject?

AP Score ranges from 1 to 5. if you score 4 or 5 in AP Exams, then your chances of admission at colleges increases. Also good Colleges grant exemption on 4 or 5 score. Colleges often have different score minimums for different subjects. The University of San Diego accepts a 3 in AP Bio but only a 5 in AP U.S. History, for example. 

ScoreAP Score MeaningEquivalent GradeWill this score receive AP credit?
5Extremely qualifiedAMostly
4Well qualifiedA-, B+, BUsually
3QualifiedB-,C+,CMaybe Yes
2Possibly qualifiedN/AVery Rarely
1Not qualifiedN/ANo

What is the fee for AP Exam?

The cost of each AP exam is $97 for regular subjects. Schools may charge some additional amounts to cover their administrative expenses.

AP Exam Fee Structure
On-time orders

$97 per exam at schools in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and DoDEA schools$127 per exam everywhere else$145 per exam for the AP Capstone Programs
Late orders

$40 per exam in addition to base exam fee
Unused/canceled exam fee$40 per exam applicable to exams canceled
For eligible students requiring fee reductionSchool Rebate: $9 per exam
College Board Rebate: $35 per exam


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