Test Optional Colleges and Schools 2024

Test Optional Colleges and schools all over USA sate wise are given here. Test Optional schools are those which do not require SAT/ACT scores. However, some of the schools may consider the test scores for admissions application while other totally neglect it. List of all such schools and colleges is given where you can apply without test scores. Admissions Policy of the institutes indicates how the selection criteria of the institution works. Some schools and universities require Admission test Scores including SAT/ACT Scores. Some recommend students to submit the test scores but not strictly require it while some institutions have a strict admissions policy to submit the test scores.

Some institutions have open admission policy. Open Admission Policy means that all qualifying students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria are offered admission and they start the degree the program without additional qualifications or performance benchmarks. In other words, the institutes having open admission policy have 100% acceptance rate.

Institutions Test Score Policy Labels are defined as follows:

Required: The Institute requires the applicants to submit test (SAT/ACT) scores.
Recommended: The Institute recommends students provide admission test scores (SAT/ACT), during the application process.
Not Required: does not require admission test scores (SAT/ACT) during the application process and does not recommend that students provide them.
Considered: considers admission test scores (SAT/ACT) during the application process, but does not require them.
Unknown: The admission test score (SAT/ACT) policy for is unknown.

Test Optional Schools and Colleges 2024

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