FSU Acceptance Rate 2024

Florida State University is the one of the top rated universities in US and the best in Florida. FSU received 60,891 applications for Fall 2024 Admissions. FSU offers admissions twice a year, in fall semester and in Summer Semester. FSU is very selective in their admission process, and only top students make it to FSU. However, through FSU’s official stats, it is clear that it is easy to get admission in Summer Semester and competition is tough in fall semester due to large number of application.

Florida State University FSU offers Early Action Admission, Regular Admissions and Rolling Admissions.

FSU Admission Dates 2024

AdmissionsDeadlineLast Score
Early ActionOctober 15, 2024November SAT
Regular DecisionDecember 1, 2024December ACT and SAT
Rolling DecisionMarch 1, 2025February ACT

Admission Requirements FSU

The Florida Board of Governors sets the minimum eligibility requirements in the State University System (SUS). Please note that this is the minimum admission requirement, satisfying these conditions does guarantee admission. Admission is selective, and admitted students typically exceed the minimum requirements.

Minimum Courses Required

English (4), Math (4), Natural Science (3), Social Science (3), World Language (2 sequential).

FSU Acceptance Rate

FSU acceptance rate is 36%. It means out of 100 students who have submitted admission application at FSU, only 36 get selected. So FSU is a very selective university. The selection criterion is based on 3 major factors listed below.

FSU Admitted Students’ Average Scores 2024

Average GPA: The average GPA of the admitted students at FSU was GPA: 4.1 – 4.5 . It means that you need to be amongst the top students of your class to be considered for admission at FSU.

Average SAT Score of FSU Admitted students

The average SAT scores of the admitted students at FSU was SAT: 1290 – 1410.

Average ACT Score of FSU Students

Average ACT Scores of the admitted students was 29-32.

FSU Admission Criteria

As per official statements, the FSU determines student’s merit based on three factors namely academics, skills and character.


Academic performance is evaluated through students GPA and test scores including SAT and/or ACT scores. The higher you have scored in these areas the higher your chances of admissions are. Transcripts, GPA,  Course Rigor and High School Profile are considered to determine students actual academic performance.


FSU requires students to use their out-of-classroom time effectively. It includes sports, clubs, organizations, family responsibilities, internships, volunteerism, employments and other achievement in life. Skills are evaluated through Resume and Academic and Non-academic Involvement


Although judging student’s character through documents is very difficult, but FSU’s admission staff scrutinize through the information students have shared to learn about them, including their life goals. So make sure to reflect your character and goals through Essay and Resume.