University of California All Campuses UC Admission Data 2022

California University or University of California is one of the best options in US for local and International students in the country. It has nine campuses across the state. UC Berkeley alone receives over 125,000 applications per year for undergraduate programs.  In this post, we will mention the UC admission data of all campuses with number of applicants, number of admitted students, acceptance rate and admitted student’s average GPA.

After reading though this post, you will be in a better position to estimate your chances of admission in any of the UC campus. UC offers admissions twice a year, in Fall semester and Winter Semester. Some of the UC campuses follow quarter system while two campuses follow Semester System. We will discuss the details in the following sections. Also, the deadline for freshmen and Transfer applications is the same. Here you can find the detailed admission guidelines for UC Berkeley.

University of California UC All Campuses Admit Stats

UC Berkeley Admission Stats

For Fall admissions 2022 at Berkeley campus, 128,225 students applied to the university. Out of these, 14,603 students got admitted with an acceptance rate of 11.4%. Here is the UC Admission data of Berkeley Campus.

Applicants: 128,225

Admits: 14,603

Overall admit rate: 11.4 %

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 4.17-4.31

UC Davis Admissions 2022 Stats

UC Davis campus received 94,759 applications for undergraduate freshmen admissions fall 2022. 35,563 students got admission with an acceptance rate of 37.5%. UC Davis has one of the highest acceptance rates of all UC campuses; hence if you are applying to the UC you must consider UC Davis campus.

Applicants: 94,759

Admits: 35,563

Overall admit rate: 37.5%

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 4.06 – 4.30

UC Irvine Admission Data 2022

UC Irvine campuses received 119,209 applications for fall 2022 and 25,023 students got admitted. The detailed admission date is given below:

Applicants: 119,209

Admits: 25,023

Overall admit rate: 21%
GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 4.08 – 4.29

UCLA Admission Data 2022

Applicants: 149,813

Admits: 12,825

Overall admit rate: 8.6 %

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 4.21–4.33

UC Merced Campus Admission 2022

UC Merced Campus has the highest overall admit rate of all the UC Campuses. Over 90% students got admitted in Fall 2022 admissions, which means if you apply Merced campus, chances of your application being rejected are very low and you can secure your admission easily.

Applicants: 29,914

Admits: 27,046

Overall admit rate: 90.4%

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 3.50 – 4.08

UC Riverside: Freshman admit data

This is a snapshot of the admitted freshman class for fall 2022.

Please be cautious in drawing conclusions from this information. Use it as a general guide to selectivity and not as a predictor of your chance for admission to UC Riverside.

Applicants: 54,687

Admits: 37,262

Overall admit rate: 68.1%

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 3.81 – 4.20

UC San Diego Freshman admit data

Applicants: 131,245

Admits: 31,160

Overall admit rate: 23.7 %

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 4.12-4.30

UC Santa Barbara Admit Data 2022

Applicants: 111,000

Admits: 28,701

Overall admit rate: 25.9%
GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 4.15 – 4.31

UC Santa Cruz Admit Data 2022

Applicants: 66,034

Admits: 31,075

Overall admit rate: 47.1%

GPA of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA: 3.94-4.25