US Colleges Admissions Deadlines 24

Admissions applications at US colleges and Universities open in the month of August for next year enrollment. This means that you will have to apply in August 2024 to be considered for school admissions in fall 2025. Admissions deadlines for most of the US colleges and universities fall between the months of November and February. Hence you have four months time to finalize your admissions requirements and documents for US colleges and universities.

US college admissions application process of different colleges and universities is categorized into three categories. These are Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision and Rolling Admissions. Admissions application deadlines vary according to the type of admission of the college or University.

US Colleges Early Action Admissions 2024

Early Action Admissions start in August and end in November. Most of the colleges Early Action admissions deadline is November 15, however, WE advise to check the deadline from the respective school’s official admission website. Early Action offer students a chance to confirm their chances of admissions at a particular college. It gives you a chance before regular admissions starts, hence giving you more of the options and time to plan your admissions.

Early Decision Admissions 2024

Early decisions admissions also offer a chance to the students to verify their status before the regular admissions. However, if you are selected through early decisions, you are required to attend the school. In early actions, commitment to enroll is not required.

Regular Decisions

Regular decisions admissions deadline are mostly in January and February. Most of the students apply through regular decisions admissions to the US colleges because it gives you proper time to prepare your documentations and other requirements. Finalized decisions are communicated to the students in March or April. But the problem with applying only for regular decision admissions is that if you get rejected by a school, you have limited your options and there is no time to apply to another school for admissions.

Admissions Deadlines of Major US Colleges and Universities 2024

SchoolEarly ActionEarly DecisionRegular Decision
American University 15-November15-January
Babson College 1-November2-January
Barnard College 1-November4-January
Boston College 1-November1-January
Boston University 1-November4-January
Bowdoin College 15-November5-January
Brandeis University 1-November1-January
Brown University 1-November5-January
California Institute of Technology1-November 3-January
CalTech1-November 3-January
Carnegie Mellon University 1-November3-January
Case Western Reserve University1-November1-November15-January
Colby College 15-November1-January
Columbia University 1-November1-January
Cornell University 1-November2-January
Dartmouth College 1-November3-January
Duke University1-November4-January
Emory University1-November1-January
Georgetown University1-November10-January
Georgia Institute of Technology18-October1-November5-January
Harvard University1-November1-January
Johns Hopkins University1-November3-January
Lehigh University1-November1-January
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1-November1-January
Middlebury College1-November3-January
New York University1-November5-January
Northeastern University1-November1-November1-January
Northwestern University1-November3-January
Pomona College15-November8-January
Princeton University1-November1-January
Rice University1-November4-January
Smith College15-November15-January
Stanford University1-November5-January
Tufts University1-November4-January
Tulane University15-November15-November15-January
UNC Chapel Hill15-October15-January
University of California, Berkeley30-November
University of California, Davis30-November
University of California, Irvine30-November
University of California, Los Angeles30-November
University of California, San Diego30-November
University of California, Santa Barbara30-November
University of Chicago1-November1-November4-January
University of Florida1-November
University of Georgia15-October1-January
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1-November5-January
University of Michigan1-November1-Feb
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill15-October15-January
University of Notre Dame1-November1-January
University of Notre Dame*1-November1-January
University of Pennsylvania1-November5-January
University of Rochester1-November5-January
University of Southern California1-December15-January
University of Texas at Austin1-November1-December
University of Virginia1-November1-November3-January
University of Wisconsin-Madison1-November1-Feb
Vanderbilt University1-November1-January
Wake Forest University15-November1-January
Washington University in St. Louis1-November4-January
Wellesley College1-November8-January
William & Mary1-November1-January
Worcester Polytechnic Institute1-November15-Feb
Yale University1-November2-January