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11 ACT Colleges: Best Schools for 11 ACT Score

11 score on the ACT puts in a good position for College and Schools admissions in the US. Here we are providing a list of schools and colleges that accept a 11 ACT score. These schools and colleges are good match for your score, as not only you will improve your chances of admissions by applying to these colleges, but also will ensure that you are placed with equally talented students. Some schools that require less than this average score might not be a good match for you as the quality of the students will be lower, though your chances of admissions will be higher at those schools.

Your best choices will be the schools and colleges where the average ACT score of the admitted students is 8 to 15. We are also showing you the 25th percentile and 75th percentile ACT Score of the admitted students so that you can have a clear understanding of how many students score what ACT Score. If your 11 ACT Score is higher than 25th percentile, it means your score is better than the quarter of the admitted students, and if it is higher than 75th percentile, then it means your ACT score of 11 is higher than 75% of the students admitted at that school.

Choose a college where your score is near to 75th percentile, this will maximize your chances of admission. You can also apply to other schools as well, but to be on safe side, you must apply to at least 2-3 such schools and colleges.

Best Schools for 11 ACT Score

Following is the list of best suited colleges with your 11 ACT Score.

CollegeStateACT 25th PercentileACT 75th PercentileAcceptance Rate
Livingstone CollegeNorth Carolina 1315 51.3%
Simmons College of KentuckyKentucky 1315 57.65%
Thomas UniversityGeorgia 1129 28.84%
CollegeStateACT 25th PercentileACT 75th PercentileAcceptance Rate

Is 11 ACT Score good?

A 11 ACT Score is in the lowest range. With a 11 ACT score, you cannot find any college to that accept such a low score, other than those with Open admission policy. Also, if it was your first or second attempt, then you must retake ACT to improve your score. Normally 1.3 million students take ACT each year. In 2022, the average national ACT score was 19.8 or simply 20. The ACT score ranges from 1-36. You have performed as a lowest performing student.

What percentile is 11 ACT score?

11 ACT score is 2nd percentile in US. This means you have outperformed 2 percent of the students and 98 percent of the students performed better than you.

Top colleges for 11 ACT score

If you have scored 11 in ACT, then the best colleges for you include Livingstone College, Simmons College of Kentucky, Thomas University.

Should I retake ACT with a 11 ACT score

A 11 ACT Score is in the lowest range. You must rekate ACT to improve your chances of admission at better schools.

Best Suited Colleges for ACT Score

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