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Average SAT Score of North Dakota Colleges 2023

Average SAT Score all colleges and universities in North Dakota for undergraduate programs are mentioned here. SAT Score of admitted students help aspiring students to compare their scores with average of admitted students score. Additionally the breakdown of SAT Scores in each area is given here. You can compare your SAT Scores with the average SAT Scores of all the admitted students in a specific university or college. SAT Scores of 25th percentile to 75th Percentile of the students are given below.

Range of SAT score for the 25th Percentile to the 75th percentile of the students are mentioned here so that students can easily understand the score ranges of the majority of the students. So you have higher chances of admissions if your Scores are in these ranges, or near to these.

Average SAT Score Ranges of North Dakota Colleges and Universities

CollegeAverage SAT ScoreSAT Reading ScoresSAT Writing ScoresSAT Math Scores
University of North Dakota1154 550 - 630 - 560 - 660
North Dakota State University-Main Campus1151 538 - 640460 - 520 558 - 673
University of Jamestown1062 450 - 560 - 450 - 580
Minot State University1055 480 - 600 - 510 - 600
Valley City State University1051 495 - 585352 - 450 440 - 605
Mayville State University1050 - - -
Dickinson State University1014 440 - 535 - 483 - 528
CollegeAverage SAT ScoreSAT Reading ScoresSAT Writing ScoresSAT Maths Scores