22 ACT Colleges: Best Schools for 22 ACT Score

22 score on the ACT puts in a good position for College and Universities admissions in the US. Here we are providing a list of Universities and colleges that accept a 22 ACT score. These schools and colleges are good match for your score, as not only you will improve your chances of admissions by applying to these colleges, but also will ensure that you are placed with equally talented students. Some schools that require less than this average score might not be a good match for you as the quality of the students will be lower, though your chances of admissions will be higher at those schools.

Your best choices will be the schools and colleges where the average ACT score of the admitted students is 19 to 24. We are also showing you the 25th percentile and 75th percentile ACT Score of the admitted students so that you can have a clear understanding of how many students score what ACT Score. If your 22 ACT Score is higher than 25th percentile, it means your score is better than the quarter of the admitted students, and if it is higher than 75th percentile, then it means your ACT score of 22 is higher than 75% of the students admitted at that school.

Choose a college where your score is near to 75th percentile, this will maximize your chances of admission. You can also apply to other schools as well, but to be on safe side, you must apply to at least 2-3 such schools and colleges.

Best Colleges for 22 ACT Score

Following is the list of best suited colleges with your 22 ACT Score.

CollegeStateACT 25th PercentileACT 75th PercentileAcceptance Rate
Worcester State UniversityMassachusetts 2324 89.32%
Hampden-Sydney CollegeVirginia 2225 36.81%
Worsham College of Mortuary ScienceIllinois 2225 78.13%
Wesleyan CollegeGeorgia 2225 62.16%
Methodist UniversityNorth Carolina 2226 78.59%
St. Francis CollegeNew York 2226 85.25%
Carroll UniversityWisconsin 2227 70.5%
Roanoke CollegeVirginia 2227 80.38%
Virginia Military InstituteVirginia 2227 63.91%
Randolph CollegeVirginia 2227 93.8%
The Southwestern Baptist Theological SeminaryTexas 2227 100%
Houston Baptist UniversityTexas 2227 84.87%
Arcadia UniversityPennsylvania 2227 82.42%
York College of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania 2227 77.69%
Ohio University-Main CampusOhio 2227 88.55%
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillNorth Carolina 2227 20.4%
SUNY CortlandNew York 2227 60.5%
Marymount Manhattan CollegeNew York 2227 76.91%
Georgian Court UniversityNew Jersey 2227 79.6%
Stockton UniversityNew Jersey 2227 84.54%
The College of Saint ScholasticaMinnesota 2227 73.69%
Louisiana Tech UniversityLouisiana 2227 65.83%
Dominican UniversityIllinois 2227 80.94%
Pacific Lutheran UniversityWashington 2228 88.39%
Whitworth UniversityWashington 2228 91.46%
Bridgewater CollegeVirginia 2228 75.09%
Abilene Christian UniversityTexas 2228 70.11%
Augustana UniversitySouth Dakota 2228 71.82%
Oklahoma City UniversityOklahoma 2228 79.24%
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleOhio 2228 68.45%
Xavier UniversityOhio 2228 84.02%
University of North Carolina School of the ArtsNorth Carolina 2228 29.75%
Niagara UniversityNew York 2228 92.2%
Hartwick CollegeNew York 2228 95.61%
University of Nebraska-LincolnNebraska 2228 81.07%
Saint Johns UniversityMinnesota 2228 88.65%
University of St ThomasMinnesota 2228 75.53%
University of Minnesota-DuluthMinnesota 2228 79.54%
Wayne State UniversityMichigan 2228 63.26%
University of Michigan-DearbornMichigan 2228 68.77%
North Central CollegeIllinois 2228 68.4%
Hawaii Pacific UniversityHawaii 2228 85.32%
Birmingham-Southern CollegeAlabama 2228 65.91%
Western Washington UniversityWashington 2229 96.1%
Lipscomb UniversityTennessee 2229 73.99%
University of TulsaOklahoma 2229 75.24%
Cedarville UniversityOhio 2229 62.24%
University of North Carolina at AshevilleNorth Carolina 2229 81.63%
High Point UniversityNorth Carolina 2229 80.28%
SUNY at AlbanyNew York 2229 67.99%
CollegeStateACT 25th PercentileACT 75th PercentileAcceptance Rate
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Is 22 ACT Score good?

A 22 ACT Score is above average. Your ACT score is good and you have better chances of admissions at some good schools. But your chances of admission are low for competitve or high ranked colleges. You have outperformed majority of the ACT test takers. Majority of the US schools will be happy to accept you as their students and you have vast variety of schools on your list. The complete list for 22 ACT Colleges is given below.

Normally 1.3 million students take ACT each year. In 2022, the average national ACT score was 19.8 or simply 20. The ACT score ranges from 1-36. You have performed better than half of the ACT test takers. However, the best suited options are listed below.

What percentile is 22 ACT score?

22 ACT score is 67th percentile in US. This means you have outperformed 67 percent of the students and 33 percent of the students performed better than you.

Top colleges for 22 ACT score

If you have scored 22 in ACT, then the best colleges for you include Worcester State University, Hampden-Sydney College, Worsham College of Mortuary Science, Wesleyan College, Methodist University, St. Francis College.

Should I retake ACT with a 22 ACT score

A 22 ACT Score is a good score. Your chances of admission are good at majority ofthe schools. You have outperformed over 50 percent of the ACT test takers. However, if you are targetting competitve and the best schools, then you may retake ACT to improve your score. The chances of improving ACT score with a score of 22 are also high.

Best Suited Colleges for ACT Score

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