Utah Colleges Acceptance Rate 2024

Acceptance Rate of all colleges in Utah are given here. Colleges are listed from Lowest Acceptance rate in Utah to the Highest Acceptance rate colleges. Acceptance Rate of Universities and Colleges indicate how tough the admissions selection criteria of an institution is. Acceptance or Admissions Rate of the colleges is obtained by dividing the number of admitted students divided by the total number of applicants who applied for admissions in a single admission calendar. The lower the acceptance rate of a college is, the tougher it is to get admitted to. Hence, the colleges with lower admissions rate are easier to get into.

Some institutions have open admission policy. Open Admission Policy means that all qualifying students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria are offered admission and they start the degree the program without additional qualifications or performance benchmarks. In other words, the institutes having open admission policy have 100% acceptance rate.

Acceptance Rate of all Utah Colleges 2024 from Lowest to Highest

CollegeCityCategoryAcceptance RateOpen Admission PolicyNo of Students
Brigham Young UniversityProvoPrivate Sector59.18%NO 31642
Dixie Technical CollegeSaint GeorgePublic Sector66.52%NO 882
Westminster CollegeSalt Lake CityPrivate Sector75.73%NO 1153
Midwives College of UtahSalt Lake CityPrivate Sector81.82%NO 252
Joyce University of Nursing and Health SciencesDraperPrivate Sector86.29%NO 1996
Southern Utah UniversityCedar CityPublic Sector88.73%NO 9297
Neumont College of Computer ScienceSalt Lake CityPrivate Sector90.54%NO 517
Utah State UniversityLoganPublic Sector92.63%NO 20516
University of UtahSalt Lake CityPublic Sector94.97%NO 24850
Western Governors UniversitySalt Lake CityPrivate Sector100%YES107952
Utah Valley UniversityOremPublic Sector100%YES27489
Salt Lake Community CollegeSalt Lake CityPublic Sector100%YES18373
Weber State UniversityOgdenPublic Sector100%YES15944
Utah Tech UniversitySaint GeorgePublic Sector100%YES8796
Snow CollegeEphraimPublic Sector100%YES3672
Ensign CollegeSalt Lake CityPrivate Sector100%YES2663
Mountainland Technical CollegeLehiPublic Sector100%YES2481
Davis Technical CollegeKaysvillePublic Sector100%YES2425
Nightingale CollegeSalt Lake CityPrivate Sector100%YES2273
Ogden-Weber Technical CollegeOgdenPublic Sector100%YES2094
Bridgerland Technical CollegeLoganPublic Sector100%YES1562
Provo CollegeProvoPrivate Sector100%YES681
Fortis College-Salt Lake CitySalt Lake CityPrivate Sector100%YES490
Tooele Technical CollegeTooelePublic Sector100%YES363
Southwest Technical CollegeCedar CityPublic Sector100%YES321
Paul Mitchell the School-Salt Lake CityHolladayPrivate Sector100%YES311
Cameo College of Essential BeautyMurrayPrivate Sector100%YES287
Eagle Gate College-MurrayMurrayPrivate Sector100%YES285
Uintah Basin Technical CollegeRooseveltPublic Sector100%YES245
Eagle Gate College-LaytonLaytonPrivate Sector100%YES230
Medspa AcademiesSouth JordanPrivate Sector100%YES218
Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design-ProvoProvoPrivate Sector100%YES205
Avalon Institute-LaytonLaytonPrivate Sector100%YES203
Renaissance AcademieProvoPrivate Sector100%YES198
Taylor Andrews Academy of Hair Design-West JordanWest JordanPrivate Sector100%YES187
Skin Science InstituteSandyPrivate Sector100%YES182
Taylor Andrews Academy-St GeorgeSt. GeorgePrivate Sector100%YES156
Paul Mitchell the School-LoganLoganPrivate Sector100%YES152
Paul Mitchell the School-OgdenOgdenPrivate Sector100%YES150
Acaydia School of AestheticsProvoPrivate Sector100%YES147
The Barber SchoolMidvalePrivate Sector100%YES145
Aveda Institute-ProvoProvoPrivate Sector100%YES144
Skinworks School of Advanced SkincareSalt Lake CityPrivate Sector100%YES141
Broadview CollegeWest JordanPrivate Sector100%YES127
Paul Mitchell the School-St. GeorgeSaint GeorgePrivate Sector100%YES119
Paul Mitchell the School-ProvoProvoPrivate Sector100%YES116
Top Nails & Hair Beauty SchoolTaylorsvillePrivate Sector100%YES106
Mandalyn AcademyAmerican ForkPrivate Sector100%YES71
Evans Hairstyling College-St GeorgeSaint GeorgePrivate Sector100%YES71
Evans Hairstyling College-Cedar CityCedar CityPrivate Sector100%YES61
CollegeCityCategoryAcceptance RateOpen Admission PolicyNo of Students
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