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Adams State University Accpetance Rate 2023

Adams State University is a Public Sector institute situated in Alamosa in the state of Colorado. The school has 1484 undergraduate students enrolled, out of these 56.4 percent are men and 43.6 percent are women. 39.15% of the enrolled students are white and 9.43% are black. 21.98 percent of the students graduate within 4 years enrollment. Graduation rate after 6 years is 28.7%.

49.32% of the enrolled Students are receiving Federal Loans and 37.17 percent are receiving Pell Grant. Average annual cost of a student on the 4 year degree program is USD: 23292. The institute is accredited by Higher Learning Commission (NCACHE). Unemployment Rate amongst the alumni of the institute is 3.829999924 percent.

Adams State University Admission Test (SAT/ACT) Score Policy

Adams State University considers admission test scores (SAT/ACT) during the application process, but does not require them.

Institute Profile

Name: Adams State University

City: Alamosa


State: Colorado

Type: Public

Zip: 81101

Campus: Main

Accredited by: Higher Learning Commission (NCACHE)

Adams State University Acceptance Rate and SAT – ACT Averages

Acceptance Rate: 99.83%

Acceptance Rate All Campuses: 99.83%

Open Admission Policy: NO

Adams State University Acceptance Rate is 99.83% View Acceptance Rate of all US Colleges here

Open Admission Policy means that all qualifying students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria are offered admission and they start the degree the program without additional qualifications or performance benchmarks. In other words, the institutes having open admission policy have 100% acceptance rate.

SAT Average of Admitted Students:

Average SAT Score of the admitted students at Adams State University is 1040. The 25th Percentile and 75th Percentile of the SAT section score of the admitted students at Adams State University is also given below.

Reading: 460 - 570

Writing : -

Math : 460 - 570

Average SAT Score: 1040

Average SAT Score in all Campuses: 1040

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ACT Score of Admitted Students

Average ACT Score of the admitted students at Adams State University is 21. 25th Percentile and 75th Percentile of the ACT Scores and ACT Section scores of the admitted students at Adams State University is also given below

English: 16 - 23

Math: 16 - 22

Writing: -

ACT Composite Score Range of Adams State University Students: 18 - 23

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Tests scores shown are a range that covers the middle 50 percent (between the 25th and 75th percentiles) of first-time students enrolled at the school in the fall. Twenty-five (25) percent of first-time students scored below this range, and 25 percent of first-time students scored above this range. Scores from students that were admitted, but did not enroll, are not included. Not all schools require test scores for admission.

Student’s Diversity

Number of UG Students: 1484

Ratio of White Students: 39.15%


Male Students: 56.4%

Black Students: 9.43%

American Indian/Alaska Native: 1.48%

Female students: 43.6%


Unknown: 6.67%

Adams State University Fee and Loan Stats

Average Net Price: USD: 14305

Fee for Out of State Students: USD17933

Average Household Income: USD: 50726.71

Average Annual Cost: USD: 23292

Students Receiving Pell Grant: 37.17%

Fee for in State Students: USD: 9680

Students Receiving Federal Loans: 49.32%

Cost includes tuition, living costs, books and supplies, and fees minus the average grants and scholarships for federal financial aid recipients.

Adams State University Graduation Rate and Student’s Earning

Degree Completion Rate: 28.7%

Unemployment Rate: 3.829999924%

Median Student’s Earning: USD 38434

Median Earning of All Schools: USD 36834

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