Pennsylvania Colleges with 100 Acceptance Rate

List of colleges with 100 acceptance rate is given below. 100 is the highest acceptance rate. It means all students who applied got admitted into the following colleges. College acceptance rate indicates what percent of the students got admission out of those who applied. A 50% acceptance rate means half of the students who applied got the admission at the college. Acceptance rate is calculated by dividing the number of admitted students by total number of applicants e.g if 1000 students applied and 400 got admission, then the acceptance rate will be 400/1000*100 = 40%.

A higher acceptance rate means the college is less selective, and it is easier to get admission. Colleges with 100 acceptance rate admits all students who applied for admission. A number of colleges and universities in US have 100% acceptance rate. Also, many colleges have open admission policy, which means they accept all students, and their acceptance rate is also 100%. Here we are listing all US colleges and universities with 100 percent acceptance rate or open admission policy.

But it is pertinent to mention here that even in those colleges with 100 percent acceptance rate or with open admission policy, student has to meet the minimum eligibility requirements to be accepted.

Does High acceptance Rate means Low Quality Education?

The best ranked and high quality colleges have very low acceptance rate, because the number of applicants are very high. But it does not mean that the colleges with 100% acceptance rate offer low quality education, it simply means that the number of applicants are low. There could be many reasons for that, the college may be new, or there may be a lot of colleges and universities in the close proximity, due to which the number of applicants to that specific college are low. Moreover, high fee rates can be another factor.

Top Pennsylvania Colleges with 100 Acceptance Rate

CollegeStateAcceptance RateOpen Admission PolicyNo of StudentsFee
Harrisburg Area Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES112956870
Community College of PhiladelphiaPennsylvania100%YES108814632
Community College of Allegheny CountyPennsylvania100%YES106174602
Delaware County Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES87066060
Montgomery County Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES80405730
Northampton County Area Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES71734890
Bucks County Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES55134898
Lehigh Carbon Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES48094800
Pennsylvania College of TechnologyPennsylvania100%YES420117610
Luzerne County Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES34925670
Reading Area Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES32425910
Westmoreland County Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES28175598
Butler County Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES19985250
Lackawanna CollegePennsylvania100%YES172816130
Strayer University-PennsylvaniaPennsylvania100%YES134713515
Community College of Beaver CountyPennsylvania100%YES12336810
Pittsburgh Technical CollegePennsylvania100%YES116916699
Universal Technical Institute of Pennsylvania IncPennsylvania100%YES1031
Harcum CollegePennsylvania100%YES99026600
Pennsylvania Highlands Community CollegePennsylvania100%YES8256570
Peirce CollegePennsylvania100%YES78815060
All-State Career SchoolPennsylvania100%YES733
Institute of Medical CareersPennsylvania100%YES676
Philadelphia Technician TrainingPennsylvania100%YES675
New Castle School of TradesPennsylvania100%YES667
Harrisburg University of Science and TechnologyPennsylvania100%YES63123900
Cheyney University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania100%YES62910904
PITC InstitutePennsylvania100%YES619
Pittsburgh Institute of AeronauticsPennsylvania100%YES60916650
Pennco Tech-BristolPennsylvania100%YES566
Lincoln Technical Institute-AllentownPennsylvania100%YES560
Pennsylvania Institute of TechnologyPennsylvania100%YES54813905
YTI Career Institute-YorkPennsylvania100%YES446
All-State Career School-PittsburghPennsylvania100%YES403
Prism Career Institute-PhiladelphiaPennsylvania100%YES402
Automotive Training Center-ExtonPennsylvania100%YES378
Lancaster School of Cosmetology & Therapeutic BodyworkPennsylvania100%YES367
Lancaster County Career and Technology CenterPennsylvania100%YES353
Great Lakes Institute of TechnologyPennsylvania100%YES343
Lincoln Technical Institute-PhiladelphiaPennsylvania100%YES338
Miller-Motte College-Berks Technical InstitutePennsylvania100%YES334
Aviation Institute of Maintenance-PhiladelphiaPennsylvania100%YES31716757
CDE Career InstitutePennsylvania100%YES296
Pittsburgh Career InstitutePennsylvania100%YES28415866
Automotive Training Center-WarminsterPennsylvania100%YES284
Jean Madeline Aveda InstitutePennsylvania100%YES283
Bella Capelli AcademyPennsylvania100%YES281
Vet Tech InstitutePennsylvania100%YES28015240
Miller-Motte College-McCann-AllentownPennsylvania100%YES242
Fortis Institute-ScrantonPennsylvania100%YES24128190
CollegeSTATEAcceptance RateOpen Admission PolicyNo of StudentsFee
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